Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PR as a Sales Tool

While many people view PR as a tool to change public opinion, get in the news or be featured in an article or even to put on an event, we view it and use it entirely as a relationship and sales tool.

All disciplines go through changes over time. PR was started around 1928 and has shifted in the overall discipline and practices over the years. With new media aggressively emerging and the ability to reach millions of people through the web, PR needed to change as well.

To us, PR means communication with a specific target public to build relations that result in reach for the purpose of sales. Sales is about relationships and making oneself known to the people they want to be known to. In other words, you have to first become a known quantity in the mind of the public you are going after and then you have to develop a relationship, get them interested and cause a reach that can be worked into a sale. It's a new type of PR. We call it Web Media PR.

The goals are as follows:

1) Making the client known to the target public to create the initial relationship and gain interest

2) Creating tools using new media that shorten the sales cycle dramatically which can include case studies, videos, Social Media Press Kits, Sites, Press Releases, Testimonials, social media strategies etc

3) Increasing the probabilities that the target public will decide to do business with the client therefore solidifying sales and revenue from the strategy.

Using what we have coined as Web Media PR can be your strongest sales strategy yet.
We have found one of the biggest problems companies face is not being known by their target audience and not having enough new prospective clients to speak to and sell their products or services which ultimately is the main source of their revenue problems. This is what we handle with our strategies.

Our goal as a company is to consistently deliver new reaches to our clients that improves their sales.

Here is a link to our resource page that has downloadable PDF's with case studies and testimonials to show the results of our services -

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