Sunday, December 20, 2009

Run your business like a flea for 2010

I am quite sure that the title of this blog is a little off beat but stay with me for a second.... I realized the other day that fleas have a very strong strategy after doing a little homework on them due to one of my animals having them and I have been in full on warfare with the fleas ever since.

If we take the flea approach to business management we would discover many valid points related to a strong business strategy and operational management discipline. So here are the fleas rules of engagement:

1. Persist - Never ever ever give up. The name of the game for any business owner or any person in business for that matter is sheer persistence. Persist on a given target no matter what the obstacle is and you WILL achieve your goals. Fleas persist and persist and persist putting their enemy into apathy and winning small victory after small victory until their opponent is in defeated and most likely moves or burns their house down.

2. Growth - Focus on ways you can grow, always. How can you expand your company, expand your team and spread your reach as far as possible. Always focus on aggressive growth targets and never contract. Strength in numbers. More staff, more clients, more market share, more awareness, more PR, promotion, advertising etc. Fleas always grow and spread until they have dominated and taken over the desired territory

3. Speed - Do it fast! Don't hesitate for anything. Don't delay decisions. Make fast decisions and even faster actions. Speed is the secret to your expansion. Slow actions relate to slow thinking and a slow company that gets sluggish. Be fast, use speed as your ally and be nimble. Fleas don't hesitate to pounce on their target, they move fast and grow fast quickly taking over what was once a virgin territory to attain their victory.

4. Attack your targets - Focus on what your targets or goals are and attack them head on. Don't get distracted. Write them down and focus on what you are exactly going after. Be relentless with your targets until they are attained and checked off. Fleas focus on what they are going after and attack with ferocity in numbers to completely take over the target (cat or dog)

5. Become resistant to attacks - Develop a level of immunity. Don't let attacks on you bother you or hurt your momentum. It's all business and part of the game. You will get attacks from competition or complaints from clients or other means of attacks. Don't let them phase you. Become resistant and continue to grow and expand regardless of the attacks. This will knock your enemies into complete apathy which will allow you to grow more. Fleas become incredibly resistant to sprays or shampoos or anything for that matter that tries to stop them.

6. Work in teams - Always work in teams. Work well and coordinate with your team. Business is a sport - treat it that way. Build your teams, encourage your teams and develop your teams skills. Take your targets down as a team. Make sure your entire team understands and acknowledges the agreed upon goals and work together toward them. Fleas are experts at working in teams that build and build until they have completely taken over the target.

Here is to a prosperous 2010 with a flawless application of the flea management principals.


-Robert Cornish

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Internet

A few months ago I had a question about the Internet and so I did a little research and read the entire Wikipedia page

It was a great experience since I deal with the Internet every single day as do most of us.

I have found over and over that many people have mixed up concepts, mistaken the Web for the Internet or just generally didn't have a full concept of what it is and how it works.

My advice to you is to take the time to read the entire Wikipedia page about the Internet, it will dramatically improve your undertanding of it and help clear up any concepts you had that may have been inaccurate.

-Robert Cornish

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from the team at Richter10.2 Media Group!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Social Media Press Kit: Next Gen

The NEW Social Media Press Kit is here. We have added a "Text Me" feature that allows anyone to send you a text message to your mobile phone instantly and you can reply directly to their phone. This new Social Media Press Kit has ever feature you could need to network yourself or your company, illicit communication from prospective clients, provide all the information one could need about you or your company while making you and your company completely social media ready.

We also re-vamped the Social Media Press Kit site that explains the kit itself in detail, you can view that site here,

The Social Media Press Kit also comes with an email signature button that will help gain attention for you every time you send an email.

To learn more about the Social Media Press Kit, get in touch

Richter10.2 Media Group

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hire a firm or do it myself.....

When pondering the question..... "I could hire a firm or do it myself in house...." the thing that immediately pops to my mind is reality. While you may be thinking .... gee ... I could save a few bucks if I had some of my staff handle this "in-house" ... here are a couple points to consider:

- What is the learning curve

- Who is going to handle it and aren't they already busy doing what they should be doing

- If you hire someone, what is the ramp up, how much will it costs and is it comparable?

The reality is that while many things sound like a good idea to "handle in-house" - you most likely will way under-estimate the time and money involved.

You should always spend you time and money on your core competency only - which is whatever it is that you do best. The other stuff should be left to specialists like accounting firms, public relations agencies, ad agencies etc. Why work harder when you can work smarter?

Be realistic when looking at initiatives within your company and estimate the situations correctly before making bad decisions related around the "idea" of saving money. It's easier to pay the money and spend your time making more money anyway. Don't waste precious time and resources on initiatives that you really shouldn't be spending any time on

-Robert Cornish

Friday, December 4, 2009

Web PR Co. Richter10.2 Launches New Strategic Introduction Services

Clearwater, FL- Web PR Company Richter10.2 Media Group launches a new organic lead generation service, putting the “people” back into social media. The new product called Strategic Introduction Services is part of the third phase of their unique web public relations formula.

Richter10.2 specializes in using every available cutting edge internet tool and platform to create a footprint for clients online that goes well beyond a simple website. Using their line of custom sales and information products, coupled with sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other popular destinations, they organically help clients build up a thriving network of the exact audience they want to reach.

“In today’s technological society, where the internet fits in your back pocket and people are being bombarded with messages every hour of their day, it’s difficult to know what will impinge,” says Robert Cornish, Chief Executive Officer of Richter10.2 Media Group. “Our new Strategic Introduction Service positions the client perfectly to create interest in the exact demographic they’d most like to reach. This is the laser guided missile approach that is fast replacing the old shotgun methods of traditional marketing and PR.”

About Richter10.2 Media Group LLC

Web PR ( company Richter10.2 Media Group, LLC, was established in April 2008 in Clearwater, Florida, by co-founders Robert Cornish, CEO and Wil Seabrook, COO. They are a new media PR agency. They build strategic online PR strategies that use new media as a platform to communicate with their clients’ target public in order to build authentic relationships and create business opportunities. They are focused on gaining the maximum amount of attention for each client while utilizing every tool available to make their client known to the exact target audience most likely to need that client’s products and services. Their mission is to make strategic introductions and causatively put their client together with their target public audience so a profitable opportunity can occur. For more information visit

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Christmas Time..... Promote

It’ that time of year again when companies frantically try tio wrap up sales, collect income and push statistics for the year end bonuses, expenses and overall revenue numbers. Although it is such an improtant time of year, consistently I have found companies to become slow and lazy around this time. They seem to be hard to reach and have developed a bad case of procrastination…. The line “We will look into this after the new year…” seems to come up all too frequently…

Now is the time to promote! Get the word out and get in front of your target market fast! Saving all of your money and not spending money is not a strategy! Your focus should be on how to get in front of your target market audience to stay on their radar and close deals like crazy before the end of the year. Your company, your people and the entire economy is dependant upon large amounts of production, sales and revenue around this time of year so my strong recommendation is for you to promote. Promote your brand, promote your company, promote your products and services, promote in order to get new reaches, new sales and new revenue before the year is out.

If you have been operating in lazy mode or procrastination mode, my advice is to knock it off, pull up the socks and get into action now! While you wait for next year… there are thousands of companies and people making it happen now….this year!

Happy Holidays!

-Robert Cornish