Thursday, June 10, 2010


In a few recent emails I have received I have noticed a couple of items that in my opinion hurts the communication. Here they are:

1) The font of the email was small making it difficult to read. I had to actually zoom in to make it larger.

2) The email had no signature with the bare essentials of a phone number, email address and any other key form of communication

These two items can have a serious impact on your bottom-line. When the font of the email is small, you are either inconveniencing your reader or the email is being deleted altogether by busy people who can't be bothered which means your message never arrived at all. When you don't have a phone and email address and basic contact details in your email signature, you are simply cutting your own throat by reducing the chances that anyone will communicate with you.

Many times I have referred back to emails for contact details only to find out the person has not included their very basic forms of communication in their email signature and therefor I have to figure out how to contact them which again, is an inconvenience.

Be smart. Make it easy for people to reach you and make it easy for people to read your message. By simply handling these two items, it will increase your communication flows and ensure more business is coming your way.

I hear a lot of people talk about "so and so never returned my email..." or "I sent an email and never heard back..." if this describes you.... I would strongly advise you review the above two items and ensure that:

1) Your emails are simple and clear with larger font

2) You have your essential forms of communication in your email signature

Our agency has developed something called a Social Media Press Kit which you may want to use for your email signature as well, here's a link -

Happy emailing....

- Robert Cornish