About Richter10.2 Media Group

What does a paradigm shift feel like? Is it like an earthquake - sudden, violent, potentially catastrophic? Is it like a glacier - moving so slowly you can barely detect it, but leaving behind a vastly changed landscape? What do you do when the tools you have used for decades, for your entire professional career, no longer reach people the way they used to?

The influence and reach of traditional media is shrinking and the internet is fast becoming the central gathering place for the 21st century. As the world shifts its focus to the internet for virtually all business needs, we are positioning our clients to take the best possible advantage of today’s unprecedented opportunities.

Our Philosophy

We believe public relations (PR) is about people. We believe it’s about fostering relationships with a specific target public in order to develop those relationships into opportunities.

Our group is intimately familiar with the ever expanding and evolving assortment of online tools, from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to optimized online press releases and custom designed websites, all of which become the vehicle forward thinking companies use to foster relationships with their public. We have a full conceptual understanding of how those relationships relate to sales and revenue for a company. Our strength as an organization lies in our ability to simply and effectively communicate to any given target public who you are and what you offer that is unique and valuable in order to cultivate sales and generate revenue.

Sales has been, is, and always will be about relationships. Sales is that vital division of any company anywhere in the world that makes the difference between profitability, revenue and growth, and becoming just another statistic of a “down” economy. Our strength in and intuitive knowledge of sales, relationships, ideas and strategies - in other words, people - is what sets us dramatically apart from other agencies.

We're passionate about what we do and about applying what we do to our clients' companies to help them reach their goals by using new media PR strategies to drive sales, revenue and growth.

Contact us to set up a discovery call to learn how we can cater to your company and change your PR, promotional, sales and growth strategy to keep you firmly ahead of the curve.