Saturday, December 6, 2008

Online Crisis Management

With the world moving in herds online to research companies and use the internet for every aspect of their lives, the importance of managing what the internet says about your company has escalated to an all new level.

Should anything negative happen regarding your company, client complaint, upset shareholders, lawsuits etc, a strong crisis management campaign executed online can control what is said about your company and furthermore reduce damage and lost profit. 

Online crisis management is a series of actions taken to build a campaign that positively promotes your company in sufficient quantity that negative information ends up being buried in the Google search. The best strategy is a proactive one which means that a campaign put in place before anything ever happens is the absolute best method to control your companies online PR and defend from any possible negative attacks.

No company regardless of size or reputation is above taking the necessary actions to see that they are in control of their online PR and they remain in control of it. 

Some of the most trusted companies in history have recently been attacked due to this financial crisis which puts them in a situation of trying to reduce the damage and re-gain their investors confidence. Many will be searching online for information about them and when one see's results along the lines of "fraud" "lawsuit" "class action" etc these words scare the average investors which results in lost confidence and lost revenue to that company.

So the solution is to have a very strong online presence, well executed Web PR campaign and excellent management of that campaign on an on-going basis to see that companies reputation is stellar online that positively promotes that company as well as provides information that represents what you would want your target public to see.

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