Monday, June 22, 2009

The Social Media Press Kit – The World’s Most Dynamic Virtual Business Card

If you think that Social Media, as represented by blogging, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, etc।, is only a personal or social pursuit with no room for making money or corporate involvement, you are clearly still living in 2002.

The Social Media population has been greatly increasing over the years। Twitter, the famous microblogging site, has grown an astonishing 1328% in the past year alone. With applications promising to “Increase your Twitter followers by eleventy-billion in seconds”, it’s no wonder Twitter is spreading like wildfire.

There has been a paradigm shift in the way that promotion and marketing is reaching the public। Social Media is not only supplementing mainstream media, but is actually replacing many traditional media avenues. With RSS feeds and Social Media bookmarking sites, there is hardly a need to read the newspaper that so conveniently arrives on your doorstep, and the public apparently agrees, as evidenced by the shuttering of or the exclusive focus online by some of the country's oldest papers.

For businesses struggling to find their footing in the ever-expanding social media landscape, there is some good news: there is a simple way to take advantage of this whole evolution and integrate your business with Social Media, build your public relations and get the maximum amount of presence on the Web. With the Social Media Press Kit, which is a microsite designed to showcase you and your company to your target public audience, the doors become open to the Social Media world. A cutting edge Web PR firm (one of the few companies in the world dedicated exclusively to this new field), Richter10.2 Media Group, has created this tool to help you capitalize on the world’s most popular social and business networking sites. It is an instant communication tool to maintain constant rapport with your target demographic from anywhere in the world.

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