Monday, November 9, 2009

Attention = Income

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The concept of attention is a drastically underestimated element in most companies, CEO's and business people's mind. While gauging ROI for a given promotional strategy be it marketing, advertising or PR, many people fail to take into account the power of attention and what that means to the company and why it is absolutely an intrinsic value item that must be looked at to calculate ROI.

The amount of attention a company can attract will directly relate to how well that company does. To the degree that you have "heard of" a company will dictate how well they are doing.

Have you ever heard of GE? How about Virgin? Geico? BMW? They all get a huge amount of attention for their brands. They are all a "heard of" quantity. Yet I speak to companies daily that won't allocate funds to their brand and attention in order to become a "heard of" quantity because they can't figure out the ROI. The fact is that their target public audience may need or want their products or services right this second but - they have never "heard of them". These companies are failing to get a sufficient amount of attention in order to become a known quantity.

Get attention and you will gain clients, customers and revenue, period.

You can never get enough attention. It's something that must be pushed and expanded week after week. Your public audience needs to know about you. They need to "hear about you". If they don't, it will be rather difficult to cultivate new business.

The amount of attention you are attracting will affect your bottom-line. Get the word out! Put your company in the spotlight.

The ways to do this are unlimited with the internet these days. Here are a few ideas:

- Social Media
- Blogs
- Videos
- Press Releases
- Photos
- Events
- Twitter
- Status Updates
- Comments
- Websites
- Bookmarking
- RSS Feeds
- Advertisements
- Recommendations
- Mobile Apps
- Communities

To the degree that you are failing to fully utilize the above, you are missing or losing business and hurting your bottom-line revenue.

Make a point to expand the attention you get week after week and watch your sales and revenue grow

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