Sunday, December 20, 2009

Run your business like a flea for 2010

I am quite sure that the title of this blog is a little off beat but stay with me for a second.... I realized the other day that fleas have a very strong strategy after doing a little homework on them due to one of my animals having them and I have been in full on warfare with the fleas ever since.

If we take the flea approach to business management we would discover many valid points related to a strong business strategy and operational management discipline. So here are the fleas rules of engagement:

1. Persist - Never ever ever give up. The name of the game for any business owner or any person in business for that matter is sheer persistence. Persist on a given target no matter what the obstacle is and you WILL achieve your goals. Fleas persist and persist and persist putting their enemy into apathy and winning small victory after small victory until their opponent is in defeated and most likely moves or burns their house down.

2. Growth - Focus on ways you can grow, always. How can you expand your company, expand your team and spread your reach as far as possible. Always focus on aggressive growth targets and never contract. Strength in numbers. More staff, more clients, more market share, more awareness, more PR, promotion, advertising etc. Fleas always grow and spread until they have dominated and taken over the desired territory

3. Speed - Do it fast! Don't hesitate for anything. Don't delay decisions. Make fast decisions and even faster actions. Speed is the secret to your expansion. Slow actions relate to slow thinking and a slow company that gets sluggish. Be fast, use speed as your ally and be nimble. Fleas don't hesitate to pounce on their target, they move fast and grow fast quickly taking over what was once a virgin territory to attain their victory.

4. Attack your targets - Focus on what your targets or goals are and attack them head on. Don't get distracted. Write them down and focus on what you are exactly going after. Be relentless with your targets until they are attained and checked off. Fleas focus on what they are going after and attack with ferocity in numbers to completely take over the target (cat or dog)

5. Become resistant to attacks - Develop a level of immunity. Don't let attacks on you bother you or hurt your momentum. It's all business and part of the game. You will get attacks from competition or complaints from clients or other means of attacks. Don't let them phase you. Become resistant and continue to grow and expand regardless of the attacks. This will knock your enemies into complete apathy which will allow you to grow more. Fleas become incredibly resistant to sprays or shampoos or anything for that matter that tries to stop them.

6. Work in teams - Always work in teams. Work well and coordinate with your team. Business is a sport - treat it that way. Build your teams, encourage your teams and develop your teams skills. Take your targets down as a team. Make sure your entire team understands and acknowledges the agreed upon goals and work together toward them. Fleas are experts at working in teams that build and build until they have completely taken over the target.

Here is to a prosperous 2010 with a flawless application of the flea management principals.


-Robert Cornish

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