Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Be a Lifeaholic

In order to win at the game of life you need to be completely immersed in it. Not half in - all in. The term workaholic is considered derogatory these days probably because it's lacking as a full concept. You need to be a lifeaholic which is all encompassing.

What is a lifeaholic? It's someone who takes on every single facet of life to the fullest and pushes their personal potential - pushes what they're personally capable of - to the fullest. It's someone who dives into every crevice of life to make it better and mold it to meet the outcomes they visualize. It's also someone who wakes up everyday treating each day as a new day and packing that day full of each ounce of life to challenge oneself with what one can accomplish in a given 12 or 24 hour period of life.

A lifeaholic takes all divisions of life to the fullest from physical fitness such as running, playing with their children or spending time and having adventures with their spouse to learn and engage together, building teams, companies or projects with groups of people that all contribute and collaborate with one another to push each other to make things better, finding ways to improve the conditions of people and the planet to make it a better or safer environment for future generations and treating others in such a way that helps to make their day a little better.

These are some of the qualities of a lifeaholic. I challenge you to wake up tomorrow or start this new minute of time to take on this new viewpoint to become a lifeaholic. What would your life look like if you did? What could you or would you accomplish? While many complain and criticize others on a daily basis, a lifeaholic seeks to make life for themselves and other better.

I tend to consider myself a lifeaholic and feel the world could use a few more of us.

- Robert Cornish
CEO, Richter10.2 Media Group

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