Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Work Like You Haven’t Made Your First Sale

When it comes to promotion and sales, work like you haven’t made your first sale and disregard each sale you do make to continue to act as if you still haven’t made one yet. With this head down approach, your results will dramatically improve. It gives you a constant state of feeling hungry and on your toes to work harder and harder and think of new ways to drive your promotional and sales efforts. The downside of making sales is that it can make you complacent and complacency is the enemy of success. When you feel as if you have not yet made a sale, you will overcompensate with the amount of effort and action you take. So adopt this as your operating basis and keep yourself focused on using this to augment your work ethic and attain better results.
The great thing about brand new salespeople that need to prove themselves and need to make their first sale is that they hustle more than most and because of that over-estimated work effort, they tend to get early success. Then once they have gotten used to making sales consistently… that level of determination tends to wear off and their results sag. Don’t fall the effect of this. Work every single day as if you haven’t made your first sale.
- Robert Cornish


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