Monday, February 4, 2013

What Works .... A Book

It’s official. We’ve launched our new book called, What Works, that my partner and I wrote detailing the notes we’ve taken along the way from starting Richter from scratch, completely bootstrapped with zero revenue to multi-million dollar revenues in under 4 years.

It’s a unique book because we didn’t sit down and say, “OK, lets write a book....” but rather we gathered notes we took along the way from our discoveries. We discovered things that worked and wrote them down. Things that didn’t work and made notes of what not to do and how to fix it.

So this book is a journal of hard won workable knowledge based on a real life entrepreneurial venture. We’ve had many successes and learned from mistakes and created this book to communicate in the most simple language possible, the key insights that work.

Since the world of books is so riddled with fluff and ideas or theory, it’s refreshing to put something out that isn’t. Something that simply says... “look, here’s what works...apply it.”

So with all that said, it’s my recommendation that you buy and read What Works for a tiny investment of $17 which will help drive your business forward based on key insights that continues to drive ours.

Reading is a critical element to success and something that you should make a daily habit of. This is one new book for your collection of highly applicable, workable insights that will pay for itself many times over.

Here’s the link to buy one or many for your team:

Note: if you want to buy in bulk, we have a special What Works Experience PDF to send over which outlines extra perks you get for buying 25 or more books so email us at if you would like to have that sent along.

All the best,

- Robert

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