Sunday, June 29, 2008

PR and the relation to marketing and advertising

If you have had a difficult time creating new business from your marketing and advertising actions, I would advise you to look at your PR actions.

PR is the item that MUST be done prior to advertising and marketing. It is the item that can start the fire while marketing and advertising will fan the flames.

The definition of PR in Webster's New World Dictionary is as follows:

"relations that an organization has with the public by means of publicity that tries to influence public opinion"

If you cannot control what your public thinks about your company and how you are perceived, it will be difficult to sell them anything.

We not only create an incredible image and reputation for your company using the web but also massively increase your attention online to reach far more than you are reaching now to direct and drive traffic to you which results in new business. 

Look at all of the actions you are taking right now to increase your business, promote, market and advertise and what is it currently costing you in time and effort? Is it enough? Are you correctly focused and what is the result?

In this economy it is vital to massively increase your promotional actions from last year in order to not only stay afloat but to prosper!

There is a HUGE amount of business out there regardless of what the newspapers say about the economy and it is your job as a business owner to get the attention and attract that business to turn it into new clients for your company. We can help you do this with quite possibly the most innovative methods today.

Put your PR actions first and your marketing and advertising actions will work!

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