Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Economy and Web PR as Promotion...

What is the solution for your company in a down economy?

Well, businesses have been taking a real hit lately with the economy having a major impact on their sales and bottom-line. So what are the correct actions to take in order to out-create the down economy and improve your overall sales in this type of economic scene?

Promotion and production and lot's of it. Let's face it, if you were comfortable last year with 10 sales of a given product which resulted in a certain amount of gross income to your company and you are doing the exact same things this year, you simply won't make it. So what do you do? How can you make up the damage with the economic shift to not only get back to the make break point but to actually be flourishing even in this economy?

Well, if you have ever experienced that when you promote your company, gain attention and are making yourself known to many new prospective clients, it resulted in booming sales and healthly profits then you should really look at what your promotional efforts are right now. Are you currently promoting your company on a massive scale? Or have you cut back on promotion, advertising, marketing etc? Many companies cut back and contract in a down economy when in actual fact they should be doing the exact opposite!

Now is the time to PROMOTE! You must look at your promotional efforts in all aspects and ask yourself if it is enough? Are you "getting in front" of enough people on a large enough scale? Are your efforts much larger than last year? If the answer is no then it is time to correct that and start to broadly make your company known on a massive scale, especially in this economy.

So, how should you promote to get your company known, gain attention and generate more leads which can be turned into sales to improve your profitability?


If you have ever researched a company online or found a company that you did business with using the web, then you know what a valuable tool the internet is and if used correctly can help you create a majority of new business for you.

Web PR campaigns handle 2 functions specifically:

1. Build your image online to create a positive public perception. This means that when one does a search online for your company, you control the search results fully and the results for your company are all positive and are what you would want your potential public to see about your company.

2. We create a massive amount of attention for your company online using many different tools to increase your companies reach and in essence get your company "in front" of millions of potential buyers of your product or service.

The fact is that a sale is made only after you have found a prospective buyer, had the opportunity to make yourself known to that prospective buyer and had the chance to interest them in your company to the point that they have reached for your product or service at which point they can be closed and the sale is finalized.

This is what a Web PR campaign handles. The idea is to make your company known, build positive public perception, control search results and reach millions of potential buyers in order to increase overall profits.

Now is the time to promote your company on a massive scale and Web PR campaigns can be used as a very effective tool to correctly position and promote your company online to gain attention, generate leads, create sales, help to make your marketing and advertising efforts "stick" and improve your overall bottom-line.

To find out how a Web PR campaign can help your company out-create the down economy, please contact us today.

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