Friday, September 5, 2008

Want more business...Become known and generate interest

If you are struggling to figure out how you can create more business for your company in this economy and your finding that your old or existing efforts are not as effective as they once were, my recommendation is to look at your promotional methods and dollars spent. Are you using direct mail? Newspaper ads? Cold Calls? How much time and money is going into these efforts?

If your efforts are not resulting in the revenue needed for your company, it may be time to look at new ways to promote, become innovative and make your company known on a much larger scale.

We are all well aware of the internet and how utilizing the leverage expansive communication can do for a company but how can you harness this tool to work to your benefit and get your company "in front" of your prospective clients?

Let's take a look at first making your company known. The key here is that in order to sell anything at all, your potential client has to know about your company. Once they actually know about you then they need to be able to easily access information about your company to understand clearly what you do and how it will fit what they need and at that point you will want to make sure your company stands out from the ocean of competition online.

Seem like a tough task? It can be. Here are the actions that you must be able to achieve in order to make your company known, get your public's interest and get them to reach for your company to become a lead, sale and become revenue to your company.

  • Massively make your company known online which includes controlling the entire first page of Google for the search results for your company and no, it's not good enough to just have your site come up in first position.
  • Reach areas of the web to "get in front" of new prospects which you normally would not be able to access
  • Allow people to easily access you and clearly understand who you are and what you do
  • Continually keep your company name in front of all of your prospective clients to keep your company name fresh in their minds
  • Make new contacts daily, weekly, monthly using the internet to create new opportunities
  • Write interesting blogs and articles to provide your potential clients with useful information which sparks interest in your company
  • Personal messages (not bulk mail) to all connections made which will introduce you or your company so you can have the opportunity to sell them your product or service
  • A complete overall web presence to be utilizing all that the internet has to offer that will help you or your company become known, gain attention and generate leads which can create sales and revenue.
If the above seems a little daunting and you happen to have the thought that there is no way that you will have time to do all of this, I would recommend a full Web PR solution which includes the entire Web PR campaign and management of the campaign to do all of these actions on your behalf so you can focus on running your business.

A Web PR campaign is a full solutions to truly make your company known on a large scale, generate attention, attract interest to strategically result in revenue. Web PR management is an on-going action to handle every possible aspect of your companies online promotion and to make your company known consistently to generate interest, leads, sales and improve your bottom-line.

The best thing you could be spending your time on right now is selling your product or service to qualified prospects not spending hours upon hours trying to figure out where the prospects are, who the prospects are and why they don't respond to your direct mail. 

The thing that will keep your company afloat and expanding in this economy is sales which means you will need a flurry of people to sell to which means you will need to find ways to promote and make your company known so you have people to sell to.

This is precisely what a Web PR campaign and Web PR management is for and what it handles.

It's time to use the world wide web to make your company known on that level. The prospects are out there waiting to hear about you and they actually want what you sell, they just don't know about you.

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