Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Strength in Team

This is a little off topic for me especially since most of my blogs relate to my business however, I am in New York traveling on business right now and was thinking about the general state of the economy and country in general as I passed magazine stands with our President's face among other things.

I had a thought or viewpoint about leadership in general. To me, running a country is similar to running a company as a CEO. Since I am the CEO of my company it brought me to thinking about the divided nature of our country as it relates to our political leaders. A red vs. blue sort of mentality.

As a leader or CEO or anyone in charge of a group of any kind, the thing you need or want is a team. Constructive input. Solutions put forth to problems and a coordinated effort to attain the given goals and strategy. The last thing in the world you would want as a CEO or leader of any type would be people on your team that are against you and your ideas as well as your plan, causing counter-intention to your initiatives and not contributing to the solution but making more of a problem. I can say with confidence that if I had someone in my company actively against me, it would take very little hesitation of any kind to remove that person or people immediately from the company.

Our President or political leaders cannot fire anyone within the country for obvious reasons so they have to make due with what they have.

I personally feel our country would be strengthened dramatically as well as the economic climate in general if we became a unified group or team to support our leadership that WE as a country voted in by majority vote, even if we don't associate with that party. Rather than nit pick, we figure out solutions and work on sending them to our political leaders or getting involved in some regard to work on and focus on the solution. If there is something we don't like, work to change it while supporting the current initiatives and our President to make the very best possible outcome we can attain.

Why, as a country, do we highlight our President's flaws rather than work to assist them or strengthen their strengths? I can name strengths for George W. Bush as I can name strengths for Barrack Obama. Let's work to make the country better and focus on what can be done and what we can help our leadership with rather than propelling problems and complaints. The day we fully operate as a coordinated team is the day this country will truly flourish.

Teamwork has proven successful countless times be it in basketball or any sport, companies, families or running a country. So I propose a challenge to anyone reading this, think about how YOU can support our leadership and make up for any weaknesses or help to correct non-optimum situations and how YOU can be the best team player for the good and purpose of making the country better overall. Let's all play our part to handle the economy while supporting the strategy, building businesses, suggesting solutions and working as a true group, a true team. To me, this is what is needed now regardless of personal disagreements with the leadership or affiliated party or who you voted for. What can you do to help our leaders to make this country better and attain a huge win overall? I own a company which consistently hires new fresh talent and helps other companies expand aggressively, that's my part. I'm not perfect, but I don't complain, I come up with better solutions to improve my teamwork and team.

- Robert Cornish

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