Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adding a face to personal relations...

While having breakfast at Paradise Bakery today I noticed a person in business attire come in and look around the entire room clearly trying to locate the person he was supposed to be meeting with. He looked over at me as if I might be the person he needed to meet with and then walked over to another person in the restaurant and said "Hi" and asked if he was Tony and the person replied no. Looking puzzled and slightly awkward, he then decided to sit down and wait.

This sort of thing happens everyday. Meetings take place in local restaurants every single day with people who have never met and don't know anything about one another including the way they look.

This made me immediately realize the value and importance of the Social Media Press Kit. I personally feel every single business person should have one. The above scenario would not have occurred because they both would know what one another looked like and also a little about each person which would give the relationship a head start and allow them to get into business without the awkwardness upfront.

The Social Media Press Kit is a relationship tool that is meant for this very type of circumstance. It includes contact information, social media profiles so one can learn about you, video introductions or a promo video about the company, a bio with vital information, real time twitter updates and photos for the person the SMPK belongs to which helps add a face to the name.

Here are two links that explain it:

It's such a simple tool to have and use that builds relationships and improves overall communication which ultimately is the essence of business. Oh, and if you would like to start a relationship with me, please visit my Social Media Press Kit here -

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