Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We Don't Cost a Dime...

There are many business items that are expenses which require a full financial review as well as budget analysis but we don't happen to be one of them.

We don't cost our clients a dime, in fact we typically make them at least 3 times what they pay us.

Think of us like a sports agent - we're here to make you money. That's our full time job!

Since I spend quite a bit of my time meeting with prospective clients and then following up to get them to move forward with a strategy, it always seems to boggle my mind when a deal is a touch slow or it's being treated as an expense.

When we have an opportunity in our agency to invest money into something that will make us more money, I personally clear the approval lines and get the finance people to cut the check because income lines need to be lightening fast and disbursement lines for expenses and budget related items need to be relatively slow and thorough.

My point here is this, review every financial item within your company and separate them in two columns:

1. Expenses that cost money but are required and related.
2. Expenses that drive revenue.

Once this is done you can prioritize and make the 2nd column items urgent. Buying a few desks can wait - put the urgency on income related spending!

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