Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Art of the Follow Up....

These days people are busy.... Busier than ever. This isn't to say more productive than ever, just busier. They are on iphones, facebook, downloading apps, juggling work tasks and projects, trying to keep their heads above the ocean of emails, handling personal problems, dealing with company problems and the list goes on.

Call it dispersed or distracted or even unorganized but whatever the case, your communication to them is not impinging or making an impact or getting a response. Well, before you get too discouraged realize that the above listed items are diverting your message and causing chaos which is part of the problem to why you are not getting a response.

Too often I see salespeople burn deals they are working on simply because they have "followed up" and not gotten a response therefore the deal is cold or dead. While this seems rather logical... It is not. You must keep clearly in mind the facts above that people are busy and easily distracted.

Your job is to be organized for yourself and your prospect to follow up diligently over and over to stay on the prospects radar and keep interesting the prospect until you have gotten a response and can move the deal forward.

Following up could be by phone, email, Linkedin messages or connection requests, Skype, facebook, Twitter or anything else. Just focus on getting yourself in front of the prospect and on their radar however appropriate in order to keep reminding them until they are ready to commit time and energy to whatever it is that you want to discuss or propose.

I apply the above and consistently get comments of appreciation for my diligent follow up because without it.... They would have forgot. This isn't to toot my own horn but rather to point out that while it may sometimes seem like the prospect is not interested... The fact is, they are but they are simply too busy or distracted to respond. So always be diligent and follow up until your prospect is ready to discuss, this will dramatically improve your sales.

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