Monday, April 12, 2010

Target Public

I stress that you fully investigate and identify and define your target public for your company because once done, you will have a whole new view on promotion and sales. Many companies don't take the time to really analyze who their exact target public is.

You have to know exactly who your target public is, here are a few things to consider:

1) What area of the country or the world have they come from? Review all of your current and past clients and tally the results to have a clear picture of where they come from and where you need to focus your efforts

2) What sectors or industries have they come from?

3) What is their annual revenue size?

4) Who are the people within the target public companies that you typically need to deal with?

5) What are their typical needs?

Once you have the above items pegged, you begin to work smarter. You can focus your time and efforts on what has worked in the past and who your real target public is. PR or public relations is about reaching out to an exact target public, not everyone and anyone, an exact one. When we can reach an exact target public and communicate what they need, we get a response. This then results in more business.

Why spend any time prospecting in Arizona and going after recruiting professionals if you have no history closing clients in that area and have not had success in that area?

Focus on your target public! You will get more business and have more success to the degree that this is full defined.... Know your target public and go straight after them, they already need and want your products or services anyway.

-Robert Cornish

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