Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What Would a "Want" Button Mean for Facebook?

Not since the release of the "like" button have people been so energized about a new Facebook plug-in. This is probably because the "want" button could truly turn things around for the social media giant. 

After all, the major problem Facebook has come across with breaking into the stock market is the trust investors have in the company's ability to generate money, and a "want" button could finally change that. Companies have already seen the value in knowing how many people "like" their products, but actually knowing who "wants" their products could be a gamechanger.

Instead of ads just featuring a guide to "liking" the company, they could bring about the logical next step of showing interest in the product, thus cutting out the middle step and making it more appealing to the consumer, who is far too distracted to give one page his/her full attention.

This would solve a major problem with the "like" button, which doesn't distinguish between people who already own a product and those who want it in the future. This would do wonders for Facebook Insights being able to accurately track prospects and customers, and an accurate ROI system is just what Facebook needs to build a reputation as a social media marketing hub to be reckoned with.

We'll just have to see. So far, the reaction to the possibility of a "want" button is positive, but we are sure to see haters pop up in protest of the new feature (as always). I for one can only see good coming from it, granted it is executed correctly. Basically, Jon Negroni wants this.

Jon Negroni is the Director of Public Relations, Promotion, and Marketing at Richter10.2 Media Group. For more information regarding Richter10.2, check out our introduction video here.

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