Monday, June 18, 2012

Employee Training That Really Works

It is well known that any competent and expanding organization needs people who know what they're doing. The general way of any startup, whether the entire company is getting started or a new endeavor of an existing company is getting started, is to cope, cope, cope.

If cope is continued, the startup will not survive.

The key to moving up and out of the vicious cope condition is to organize. Among other things, a key component often left out of organizing is creating standard job manuals (hats) for each post. Much energy is required to make hats for every post in the organization. But once they are made, expansion can really occur, and the organization's existence is ensured.

We at Richter are well aware of what it takes. As a result, there are hats created for nearly every post with a "Richter College" to go with them, and training occurs almost every day. This has been very successful with Richter, as we are moving out of the condition of cope as a group into the condition of strong and stress-free production.

Scott Schaefer is the Training and Hat Writer for Richter10.2 Media Group. For more information on Richter10.2, please visit our introduction video here.


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