Friday, June 29, 2012

In Everything You Do, Be Image-Driven


I don't mean literal pictures or photos. Images are ideals held by more than one mind. It is a shared perspective that translates to every member of your immediate circle. In business, we worry a lot about what our image is, because:

Images beget relationships.

Relationships beget progress.

Progress begets fortune.

Fortune begets satisfaction.

Satisfaction begets an image. 

Every business that I can think of desires to have a positive image that exceeds the expectations of their publics, as well as the comparisons made with their competition. 

So in every decision you make as an employee, employer, manager, executive, or what have you, always be image-driven. 

Executives, make sure your employees know what your ideal image is, and if they don't, plaster it on your wall. 

Jon Negroni is the Director of Public Relations, Promotion, and Marketing at Richter10.2 Media Group. For more information regarding Richter10.2, check out our introduction video here.

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