Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We Don't Want Your Money

Wil Seabrook: As a small business owner, part of my responsibility is monitoring our bottom line and always focusing on expansion. But I’ve found that things get really serious when I focus all my attention on money. Money is not why I get out of bed and come to work every morning. I get out of bed because I love working with our creative team to produce products and services that actually help our clients.
When we wrap up one of our videos or deliver a new sales relationship for a client, it’s like Christmas morning seeing the fantastic response. The client is excited and reinvigorated on the reasons they get out of bed. Our job, simply put, is to help our clients explain to their audience exactly what they bring to the table and why it has value.

When it comes to our own bottom line, I’ve found that the more I focus on simply making sales or bringing more income in the door, the less fun the whole process becomes. What is fun is helping every client expand their business. That’s what we do all day every day, and there’s always a fresh creative challenge, as well as something new to learn about the amazing and creative ways that people solve problems I never even knew existed!

I’ve become more of a renaissance man in the last few years as I’ve learned about hundreds of business models in dozens of industries. I can actually predict trends in tech and business, not because I have my ear to the ground of the latest industry reports or Wall Street predictions, but because I’m actually talking to the hard working people who are out there every day making our economy grow under the most challenging conditions we’ve faced in a generation.

That’s why I get out of bed in the morning and why I love my job and our creative team as much as I do. We don’t focus on making money from our clients. We focus on giving them the best possible return on their investment with us. We’re in this for the long haul, and we’re here to help. There’s no better game out there than the one we’re playing.

When a client says things like “This is literally the best money I’ve ever spent on our PR and marketing,” then I know we’re doing our job and loving it in the process.

Here's a few recent video examples to give you an idea of our work:

Wil Seabrook is the COO and Co-founder of Richter10.2 Media Group. For more information about Richter10.2, check out our introduction video here.


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